Approaches to Research on Medical Practices


In many cases, doctors are not sure which medication works best when there are several medications approved for a single condition.

One way to get an answer is to have patients participate in Research on Medical Practices (ROMP). The results of this type of study help doctors to decide which medication to prescribe among approved medications.

Research on Medical Practices (ROMP) is different from a type of research referred to as clinical trials, which are done to find out if a new medication is effective. Instead, Research on Medical Practices is a way to study treatments that are already being used by medical professionals, using real-life conditions to see which treatment performs best.

Three main approaches to Research on Medical Practices (ROMP) are Medical Record Review, Randomization, and Randomization of Clinics or Hospitals. You can also watch a short video about approaches to ROMP.

Medical Record Review


Randomization of Clinics or Hospitals