Key Concepts

Research on Medical Practices (ROMP) is a unique type of medical research with a specific set of challenges and ethical issues. This section explains the key concepts relevant to our study.


Variation in Medical Practices

When more than one medication has been approved for use in a patient with a specific disease, doctors often do not have enough information to know which one works best for most patients. This means that the same patient could get a different medication depending on what doctor is doing the prescribing. There are many different factors that influence variation in medical practices.

ROMP Approaches

When several medications are approved for a condition, one way to discover which medication works best is to have patients participate in Research on Medical Practices. There are different approaches used in Research on Medical Practices.

Informing Patients

There is some debate about the different options for how researchers should go about informing patients that their medical care and health information may be affected by their participation in Research on Medical Practices.